October 28, 2008

Ma Bird!

A friend of mine shared this link with me...Andrew Bird + Yo Yo Ma = LOVE. PERIOD.

to see the full article, click here.

October 24, 2008

Don't Be Mad: Week 8 Letter A

I forgot to note all the songs we played this week. Forgive me; if, for some strange reason, you have a strong urge to know a song we played, leave a comment and we'll try to help you out.

Anyway, to quell the outrage I know ALL of our fans are harboring at the moment, here are some new artists to check out (in case you hadn't already heard of them--if you had, you're cooler than I).

Fleet Foxes: new album (self-titled)! So stoked. A more folky, spiritually inclined Dr. Dog. Check out "Quiet Houses" especially.
Janelle Monáe: Playing CMJ in New York this weekend. Blend of Fergie, Andre 3000, and Amy Winehouse. Not usually a fan of these artists, but she's GREAT.

Leave some love, some hate, whatever! We love you, Soupers!


October 20, 2008


Hey, Soupers...I know you'll enjoy this as much as I did (well, I hope you do). It's the "Tiny Desk Concert" that All Songs Considered does every so often with bands they like; essentially the band huddles in the tiny space behind Bob Boilen's desk and are videotaped playing a short set.

This is Dr. Dog's Tiny Desk Concert. It made my night of studying and paper-editing more bearable. Enjoy.

(click on the photo, silly.)

I exist in the blogging world!

I ventured out of the alphabet soup facebook group all the way to blogger! This time it's a real post too not just a fakey fake one.

If you enjoy skunks and/or humans you would love everything about this song. If you don't, then we'll only love you if you like bears, frogs or dinos. Otherwise, we question your love of alphabet soup.

Favorite Animals Song

October 17, 2008

Week 7: The Letter P, for PERFECT. and PARENTS' WEEKEND.

here's what we played. stay tuned (or at least within the vicinity) for next week's letter, A! FINALLY!

Hold Me Now – The Polyphonic Spree
The Ballad of Dean Jiggo – The Peasantry
California – Phantom Planet
Pressure – Paramore
Heartbreaker – Pat Benetar
Live and Let Die – Paul McCartney
Cut Your Hair – Pavement
Young Folks – Peter Bjorn and John
Let My Love Open the Door – Pete Townshend
Nothing Better – The Postal Service
Last Kiss – Pearl Jam
Back on the Chain Gang – The Pretenders
Beware of the Boys – Panjabi MC
Starry-Eyed Surprise – Paul Oakenfold
You’re the Champagne, I’m the Shiznit – The Pettit Project
Poetry Man – Phoebe Snow
Shake Your Groove Thing – Peaches & Herb
Hate (I Really Don’t Like You) – Plain White T’s
Pokémon Theme – Pokémon
Hey You – Pink Floyd
Can’t Stand Losing You – The Police
Walk Like an Egyptian – Puppini Sisters
Bad Boy for Life – P Diddy
Where is My Mind? – Pixies
Another Day in Paradise – Phil Collins
and in case you were interested in islands...this is their new video for "creeper" (took 'em long enough...the song's only been out for a couple years):

October 16, 2008


I have an amazing mp3 for you. I just haven't figured out how to post it. It will be a project for this weekend.

Get ready!

October 13, 2008

10/10: Dr. Dog & Delta Spirit @ Middle East Downstairs

There is a certain type of show that stays with you for a good, long time...and the Americana rock trinity who took a sold-out Middle East Downstairs by storm on Friday night certainly delivered one of them.

It is not often that a first-opener does anything for you except give you a chance to grab another beer, go outside for a smoke, and/or hold your ears shut and scream in agony. Not so, however, with Hacienda, a San Antonio quartet who stayed true to their roots with a solidly talented 45-minute set of Beatles-infused soul rock. Songs like "Hear Me Crying" and "She's Got a Hold On Me" had the audience thoroughly converted; then, a strange thing happened: these scruffy Texas boys got the hipsters to dance. Indeed, a considerably large circle of plaided, skinny-jeaned kids in the center of the dance floor began moving, to the beat of the music, and apparently enjoying themselves. The set ended with a guest harmonica appearance by the fedora'd and well-received Scott McMicken (of Dr. Dog)--this show was to be henceforth fraught with collaboration, one of the most impressive qualities of the performances. It should go without saying that Hacienda went above and beyond the call of duty and demonstrated what opening bands should have had from the beginning: talent. Take note, fledglings.

Up next was the grungy blues-folk powerhouse, Delta Spirit. It's a miracle and a blessing how Matt Vasquez (lead vocals, guitar) keeps his larynx intact after so much screaming. The lyrics "If you're feelin' what I'm feelin', come on/All you soul-searchin' people, come on!" resonated throughout the club, with a couple hundred people screaming it back onto the stage. Delta Spirit seemed relatively indifferent to their adoring fans, smiling only once or twice if at all, but it's safe to say that the fans themselves could not have cared less. Yet again, hipsters (and bros alike!) danced, and the set ended with even MORE collaboration, with every member of Dr. Dog flooding the stage with drumsticks, maracas, and awesomeness.

Finally, after hours and hours of waiting, the headliners arrived onstage—and by no means was the waiting in vain. Dr. Dog, the charismatic indie-blues quintet birthed in Philadelphia, kicked off a power hour of punch-you-in-the-gut folk rock with the song “The Old Days” from their newest album, Fate. Following this was a whirlwind of old and new material, including songs like “Hang On,” “The Girl,” “100 Years,” and “The Beach.” And the encore…oh, the encore. While the crowd had been shouting for a number of songs throughout the set, no one song title was thrown out more than “Die Die Die,” which rumbled into existence as the band re-mounted the stage and every voice in the club began singing—or wailing—along. By the end, every member of both Hacienda and Delta Spirit had joined the band onstage, Vasquez complete with a coffee pot full of beer, in a full-blown cacophony of what can only be described as the very essence of thumping, rasping, good old American blues. As a fan put it numerous times, screaming over the crowd’s roar, holding his hands to the sides of his head in disbelief, “Oh my god! This! Is! Incredible! Best night of my life!”

To put it simply, listening to recordings of this band is not enough to appreciate the full talent that is the work of McMicken (lead guitar & vocals), Toby Leaman (bass & vocals), Zach Miller (keys & vocals), Juston Sens (drums & vocals), and Frank McElroy (rhythm guitar & vocals). With each song’s performance came even louder, more soulful laments than their albums could have communicated. There’s definitely something to be said for a band that makes great records and then manages to render the music even more spectacular by roughing it up completely. The grating harshness of Dr. Dog’s live set qualified the whole night as an unforgettable show, one that should not, under any circumstances, be missed when it comes to town again.

October 6, 2008


A friend of mine introduced me to this band just now. They're called Vedera, and this is an acoustic version of their song, "A World Apart." What do you think? Are they too much like Paramore? Or is this girl just phenomenal? Let us know your thoughts, Soupers.

October 5, 2008

a fun cover

This is a project Okkervil River put together in accordance with their new album, The Stand Ins. They had a bunch of equally cool bands cover their songs acoustic and video tape them and put them on YouTube. This is Bon Iver performing "Blue Tulip." I haven't heard the real version yet but this one will DEFINITELY suffice. Enjoy, Soupers.

October 3, 2008

A Post Script

Definitely check out the newest edition of Under the Radar magazine. There's a great article about Jenny Lewis and her inspirations for her new album, Acid Tongue.

The website also has some cool stuff about their last edition, which was the ever-so-alternative "Protest Issue," which actually has some TOTZ HAWT pictures of Colin Meloy, Conor Oberst, Fleet Foxes, St. Vincent, and more.

I might have to subscribe.

Week 5, Letter R: With Guest DJ Zach Kohn the Backbone

So this week was much more dedicated to talk than even last week. We discussed Rocky Horror, Zach's future kids Ice Cream and Orange Traffic, and whether skanking is vicious or not. Here was our playlist:

Do You Want More?!?!?!? – The Roots
Steady as She Goes – The Raconteurs
Send Me On My Way – Rusted Root
On The Radio – Regina Spektor
A Man/Me/Then Jim – Rilo Kiley
It’s the End of the World As We Know It – R. E. M.
Dammit Janet! – Rocky Horror Picture Show
Super Freak – Rick James
Rapper’s Delight – Run DMC
You Wear it Well – Rod Stewart
Escape – Rupert Holmes
Beast of Burden – The Rolling Stones
Roller Coaster of Love – Red Hot Chili Peppers
I Can Believe I Can Fly – R. Kelly
Ghost Under Rocks – Ra Ra Riot
Beat on the Brat – The Ramones
Maxwell Murder – Rancid
I’m Too Sexy – Right Said Fred
Blue Side – Rooney
Kenya Dig It? – Ruby Suns
Hallelujah – Rufus Wainwright
Two [Easy Tiger] – Ryan Adams

**BE SURE TO TUNE IN NEXT WEEK FOR A LIVE ACOUSTIC SET FROM L.A.-BASED BAND, TREEUNION! (click the name to listen; they're lovely, I promise.) In their honor, our letter of the week will be T!**

devon, jane, and chicken lips