February 16, 2010

L for Love or Lack thereof!

You know the Drill! Highlights!
-Lounge Piano: Babaar. I’ve been told this is more complicated to make than a mash up. So I don’t know what it is but I like it!
-Last Request: I had no idea Paulo Nutini was so young! Wow! And I think Kayleigh is right he has an accent. You can really hear it in the video!
-Laundry Room: I gave you the WHOLE tiny desk concert. Laundry Room is first but why just a little Avett Bros when you can have a lot?
-Bonus!! Passion Pit Sleepyhead ft. PS22 CUTEST EVER!! (Props to Kelsey former video playlist guru)
-Love You Madly: Cake’s music video… cooking pumpkins? I kid you not.

February 11, 2010

For the way you Listen to Alphabet Soup...

The letter of the week is L!

Can you guess why? Perhaps it is because Sunday is February 14th! My second least favorite holiday after New Years! Don't worry we won't just play love songs- but we will just play L songs!

February 10, 2010

K for Know, Knot, and Silent Ks everywhere!

Alright friends here is it! I know I know it is only Wednesday but we had a "Snow" day and I made the Video playlist. Shhhh don't tell anyone but we've already picked the letter for next Sunday Too! We're super on top of it.... I promise I'm getting my homework done too!

-Knotty Pine: The Dirty Projectors, not with David Bryne, but you lean a little bit about Dark Was The Night. There is a sing along And Vincent Moon (of the Take Away Shows) did the filming.
-Keep Fishin’ Weezer with MUPPETS! It does not get better than Muppets.
-Know your Onion: We played The Shins but I wanted to show you the of Montreal cover.
-Kate: Ben Folds Five. The video is literally just three of them in a bed.
-Keep me in Mind: Little Joy. These guys opened for Regina, they do it unplugged I like it.

February 7, 2010


Tonight's letter is K! And this is our 100th post to the blog!

February 6, 2010

M for Midnight Monday!

Here is is folks the M video playlist.

-I Can See The Pines are Dancing: AA Bondy is too folk for a twitter and too folk for youtube so you'll have to settle for "I Can See The Pines are Dancing" instead of "Murder of Roses." The good news is he is beautiful!
- Mambo No. 5: Lou Bega is super fly the video is super fly.
- The Who: My Generation, apparently there is a very famous explosion at the end of this video.
- Machine: Anni Rossi sings and plays the viola.
-Modern Girls and Old Fashioned Men: We love Regina. Regina + Hugging The Strokes = enough said.