January 31, 2009

The Letter Eye

Well, Souperz, we figured ONE thing out, at least.

Here's the playlist of stuff we jammed to yesterday, on our I week. Be proud of us...actual mp3 of the show will be coming as soon as we mess around with that can of worms.

(Yes, we're aware that it's "Impossible Germany" and not "Journey.")

Stuff that happened on the show yesterday, for those of you who missed it: we talked about awful, ironic tattoos, "In-a-Godda-Da-Vida" took forever (so we cut the last three minutes), and Danielle E. Buma became our new official show stenographer! Now, if only we had saved the quotes she captured from the show...NEXT WEEK, OKAY.

And did I hear you wanted last week's playlist too? And the one before that? No? Yes, you did.

Stay tuned for next week's letter, and get your requesting brain cells a tinglin'!

January 23, 2009

Thanks, Soupers!

Wow, 10 playlists...not bad, people, not bad at all! Congratulations to Danielle! Her playlist was brought to you by democracy. She told me that she'd "like to thank the Academy and god" for her win. Thanks to everyone who submitted a playlist; we really like your style! Unfortunately, we didn't reach our goal of 15, so no "prize" yet, but trust us, there will be MORE contests...because, let's just face it, we REALLY want to give you this prize. You just have to earn it. So keep battling, soupers!

This week, we had our two new interns, Kelsey and David, for the first time! What'd you think? Should we keep 'em?

Next week, our letter will be I! Get your requests ready!

devon, jane, & chicken lips

p.s. the newbies should get nicknames too, don't you think?

January 17, 2009

A New Twist...and a Challenge.


Instead of posting our playlist from this week, we have a different idea. We'll tell you that next week's letter is P (for President of the US...the new one), and you post a 5-song playlist of songs starting with the letter P in a comment on this entry. Our favorite playlist will be played straight through on the show, and we'll give you an extra-special shout-out on the air.

AND if we get fifteen playlists by Friday at 4pm, we will post something truly, truly AMAZING on this blog on Friday night. Trust me...you'll want this.


Devon, Jane, Chicken Lips, and New Secret Intern(s?)

January 16, 2009

First Show of 2009

Tune in tomorrow, Friday January 16 4-6pm EST for our MAIDEN BROADCAST OF 2009!

In case you're not in our Facebook group (highly recommended!), you didn't get the following message from Jane-skie:


Same day, New Time: Fridays 4-6 EST

Still letters, new rules: The letter of the day will apply to the song title instead of the artist

Our first week will be B for the Beginning of a new semester!

Same girls, new intern: Still Jane, Devon and Chelsea but a whole new rock star intern

AIM wtburadiodj