January 17, 2009

A New Twist...and a Challenge.


Instead of posting our playlist from this week, we have a different idea. We'll tell you that next week's letter is P (for President of the US...the new one), and you post a 5-song playlist of songs starting with the letter P in a comment on this entry. Our favorite playlist will be played straight through on the show, and we'll give you an extra-special shout-out on the air.

AND if we get fifteen playlists by Friday at 4pm, we will post something truly, truly AMAZING on this blog on Friday night. Trust me...you'll want this.


Devon, Jane, Chicken Lips, and New Secret Intern(s?)


NHL Jeff said...

1. A Praise Chorus - Jimmy Eat World
2. PS - The Working Title
3. Promise - If Not, Winter
4. Polygraph, Right Now! - The Spill Canvas
5. Pretty Sure I'm Over You - Will Hoge

If you decide you want to play any of these, and you need the songs, I'd be glad to provide them!

-Jeff Z.

mcarlos89 said...

1. Planet Telex - Radiohead
2. Pride (In the Name of Love) - U2
3. Portions for Foxes - Rilo Kiley
4. Police on My Back - The Clash
5. Pints of Guinness Make You Strong - Against Me!


P.S. Happy, Devon?

Leigh said...

1. punk rock princess - something corperate
2. point of extinction - motion city soundtrack
3. pop rocks and coke - green day
4. paper walls - yellowcard
5. photography - the starting line

Rachel said...

pumpkin soup - kate nash
parentheses - the blow
p.s. - jenny owen youngs
plea from a cat named virtute - the weakerthans
pagan angel and a borrowed car - iron & wine

do you know HOW MANY good songs start with P???

Zach said...

Psychotic Girl - Black Keys
Paper Tiger - Spoon
The Perfect Plan - Wale
Poke - Frightened Rabbit
Proteck Ya Neck - Wu Tang Clan

Anonymous said...

1. Parallels - Beight
2. Passenger Seat - Death Cab for Cutie
3. Peace Beneath the City - Iron and Wine
4. Peaches and Cream - 112
5. Publish My Love - Rogue Wave

Danielle said...

1.Patient Patient (The Morning Benders)
2.Punky's Dilemma (Simon and Garfunkel)
3.The Police and the Private (Metric)
4.Pale Blue Eyes (The Velvet Underground)
5.Plane Crash in C (Rilo Kiley)

Danielle said...

Aah, No, wait, I forgot Dev dislikes Simon and Garfunkel!!

So instead....um...
2. Please Mr.Postman (The Beatles)

Helen said...

In honor of your theme, a set list for the last 4 years.

1. Poison - Bel Biv Devoe
2. Patience - Guns N' Roses
3. Philosophy - Ben Folds Five
4. Personal Jesus - Depeche Mode
5. Philadelphia Freedom - Elton John

Steven said...

1. Pass Me By - Pete Yorn
2. Pretty The World - Matt Nathanson
3. Perfect Distillation - Bottom Of The Hudson
4. Pictures Of You - The Cure
5. President Of What - Death Cab for Cutie

Chris said...

1. Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps - Cake
2. Please Forgive Me - David Gray
3. Pawn Shop - Sublime
4. Package - Perfect Circle
5. Pardon Me - Incubus

I know its late but I submitted anyway!! Maybe one will get played.