January 23, 2009

Thanks, Soupers!

Wow, 10 playlists...not bad, people, not bad at all! Congratulations to Danielle! Her playlist was brought to you by democracy. She told me that she'd "like to thank the Academy and god" for her win. Thanks to everyone who submitted a playlist; we really like your style! Unfortunately, we didn't reach our goal of 15, so no "prize" yet, but trust us, there will be MORE contests...because, let's just face it, we REALLY want to give you this prize. You just have to earn it. So keep battling, soupers!

This week, we had our two new interns, Kelsey and David, for the first time! What'd you think? Should we keep 'em?

Next week, our letter will be I! Get your requests ready!

devon, jane, & chicken lips

p.s. the newbies should get nicknames too, don't you think?

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