February 22, 2011


Hello friends, followers and lovers.

Firstly, I would like to apologize for not giving you the heads up that our show was TODAY (Monday) because BU does this funny little switcheroo sometimes where Tuesdays become Mondays (they also don't believe in snowdays).

So for those of you who didn't see any of our frantic tweets or Facebook posts, tonight's theme completed the trifecta of French/foreign words P for Parler/Parlare (translation: to speak)

Second, here is what we played!!!!!!!! Song-Artist(Album)

Twist and Shout- The Beatles (Please Please Me)
Shout- The Isley Brothers (The Essential Isley Brothers)
Say It Ain't So- Weezer (Blue Album)
How To Say Goodbye- Paul Tiernan (Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist)
California English- Vampire Weekend (Contra)
The Dangling Conversation- Simon and Garfunkel (The Best of Simon and Garfunkel)
I Just Called to Say I love You- Stevie Wonder (The Definitive Collection)
Shut Up- Black Eyed Peas (Elephunk)
Girl Talk- TLC (Girl Talk)
Put It In a Love Song- Alicia Keys/Beyoncé (The Element of Freedom)
Heard 'Em Say- Kanye West (Late Registration)
Speak Now- Taylor Swift (Speak Now)
We Speak No Americano- Yolanda Be Cool (Ultra 2011)
Say My Name- Destiny's Child (The Writing's on the Wall)
Say Hello- Jay-Z (American Gangster)
Watcha Say- Jason Derulo (Jason Derulo)
Run My Mouth- Ra Ra Riot (The Rhumb Line)
Don't Speak- No Doubt (Tragic Kingdom)
Say it All- Sondre Lerche (SXSW Daytrotter Session)
Sing Teresa Says- Greg Laswell (Daytrotter Session)
You Talk Way Too Much- The Strokes (Room on Fire)
Napoleon Says- Phoenix (It's Never Been Like That)
Camera Talk- Local Natives (Gorilla Manor)
Screaming Infidelities- Dashboard Confessional (The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most)
Conversation 16- The National (High Violet)
Relator- Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson (Breakup)
Superstar- Lupe Fiasco (The Cool)
My Prerogative- Britney Spears (Greatest Hits)

February 12, 2011

G for Garçon

We know all the fellas felt left out last week...so this Tuesday, Let's Hear it For the Boy!

All boy names, for the whole show.

In case you want more information about the Backstreet Boys... click here


fun fact: no one on Alphabet Soup speaks French

February 8, 2011

F is for Femmes

Feminine, fille, girl, senorita.

All girly names tonight. So tell me whatcha want, what you really really want.