February 16, 2010

L for Love or Lack thereof!

You know the Drill! Highlights!
-Lounge Piano: Babaar. I’ve been told this is more complicated to make than a mash up. So I don’t know what it is but I like it!
-Last Request: I had no idea Paulo Nutini was so young! Wow! And I think Kayleigh is right he has an accent. You can really hear it in the video!
-Laundry Room: I gave you the WHOLE tiny desk concert. Laundry Room is first but why just a little Avett Bros when you can have a lot?
-Bonus!! Passion Pit Sleepyhead ft. PS22 CUTEST EVER!! (Props to Kelsey former video playlist guru)
-Love You Madly: Cake’s music video… cooking pumpkins? I kid you not.

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