February 10, 2010

K for Know, Knot, and Silent Ks everywhere!

Alright friends here is it! I know I know it is only Wednesday but we had a "Snow" day and I made the Video playlist. Shhhh don't tell anyone but we've already picked the letter for next Sunday Too! We're super on top of it.... I promise I'm getting my homework done too!

-Knotty Pine: The Dirty Projectors, not with David Bryne, but you lean a little bit about Dark Was The Night. There is a sing along And Vincent Moon (of the Take Away Shows) did the filming.
-Keep Fishin’ Weezer with MUPPETS! It does not get better than Muppets.
-Know your Onion: We played The Shins but I wanted to show you the of Montreal cover.
-Kate: Ben Folds Five. The video is literally just three of them in a bed.
-Keep me in Mind: Little Joy. These guys opened for Regina, they do it unplugged I like it.

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