November 17, 2008

UPDATE 11/17

Hey Soupers,

Be sure you check out one of the shows that's happening tonight (or both?!): Jack's Mannequin with fun. (Nate from The Format's new band) at the Paradise OR Margot and the Nuclear So and So's at T. T. The Bear's Place. JM is definitely sold out, but if you're a superfan, you'll be able to swipe some scalper tickets at the doors, most likely. Do it for me--sadly, it seems that my academics always get in the way of my education.

Stay tuned--this week's letter is N!
Lots of REALLY GOOD stuff coming up in the next month on Alphabet Soup.
...and when we say REALLY GOOD, we mean REALLY GOOD.

We'll be posting the mp3 of the Ahmed interview soon as we figure out the technology! :)

sincerely yours,

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