March 26, 2009

Let me explain

Here's how we pick letters -- there is no system. My life motto is "I do what I want." I don't always do what I want, but on Alphabet Soup I do. We pick a letter based on how we feel the moment when we realize we need a letter for Friday. For instance, this week, Kelsey sent out a facebook message asking if we had done the letter R this semester, and we hadn't. So now I want to inform you that our letter this week is R.

Now at this moment when I realize that we'll need a letter for next Friday, April 3rd, I'll let you decide. Scroll through the blog or the facebook page and make sure we haven't used the letter yet this week. Otherwise, the choice is yours. You can have an adorable reason, but it's not necessary. In fact, a totally random selection will probably make you feel like you're the real deal Alphabet Soup DJ.

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