February 12, 2009

Cool thing of my life, not just my week

I used to be a limewire junkie. Several events led up to me finally getting rid of it.
1. My old roommate got a scary email from BU that said something along the lines of "Delete Limewire or we will delete you."
2. The man at the apple store went ahead and deleted it for me...then I took it out of the trash and put it back on my desktop.
3. I found a new way to download music, and had more success than not. Seriously that was the worst part of limewire -- getting shitty, misnamed, recorded from the radio, not even the whole song versions of music.

And so the obsession with HypeMachine began. It can be slightly hard to navigate; so let me break it down for you. I'm not quite sure why it's black and pink. I think my computer is mad that I wanted a .jpg and not the .tiff they decided to give me. Either way, this looks pretty badass so I think it's worth keeping. So you want to search for a song or artist. Recently I searched for "lily allen" -- new cd worth listening to.

Then it will show you all the blogs that have posted a Lily Allen song. Under each blog click "read full post." That will take you straight to the blog.
Once you get to the blog you can right click the link and save the link on your computer by clicking on "Save link as..." Also you can preview all kinds of tunes by click on that little play button next to the song on hypem. They mostly only have new songs, but occassionally people post old stuff to their blogs. It can be a lot of work, but I think it's better than being told you're going to get deleted by BU or the RIAA.

Hope your life gets revolutionized too!


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Hey...have you looked into Songbird?