February 1, 2009

Fun Thing of the Week: BLOGOTHEQUE

This is the kind of thing we at Alphabet Soup aspire to.

Introducing (to you, at least...maybe not even to you) BLOGOTHEQUE and its TAKE-AWAY SHOWS.

BLOGOTHEQUE, started in 2004, is a French music blog that, if you can understand it, is the height of French coolness. Er...as far as we can tell, anyway. Most important, though, are their TAKEAWAY SHOWS!

This collection of video podcasts is added to every week, and the repertoire is certainly one to brag about. Here's one of the many all-star bands who've done a takeaway show in the past...this is Noah & the Whale's "Episode 1" video.

Enjoy, you procrastinators. Enjoy.

<3 d,j,&cl

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