October 21, 2009

The most exciting part of your week

admit it. Here's the Alphabet Soup Video Playlist: R edition.
Here arrrrrrrrrrrrrrr the highlights:
-Revolution live. No matter how good I get at Beatles RockBand, nothing beats the real thing. And I'm pretty damn good at Beatles RockBand.
-Aretha Franklin. turn up your speakers.
-Amy Winehouse + David Letterman. I decided to pick a video where you can understand what she is singing.
-There's something funny going on with "Raspberry Beret", and its not just Prince's cloud-print blazer
-Nelly featuring City Spud (?)!
-Freddie Prinze Jr. doing the dance Ursher taught his entire high school in She's All That
-Elvis Costello sabotaged (get it?) the Beasties on SNL--breaks into "Radio Radio". Get Well Soon MCA!!
-a clip of the prank that did poor Andy Bernard in. Featuring "Rockin' Robin" and a cell phone thrown into the ceiling. Ignore the arabic. In fact it's pretty FREAKING unfunny.

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