December 6, 2009

12/3 aka Intern Takeover

I know you all think they did a fabulous job. And for the letter V:

-Madonna at the 1990 VMA's. This was her Marie Antoinette phase.
-Damien Rice at Abbey Road. Watch it.
-Another fantastic MS paint animation for Harry and the Potters. as one commenter says: this has a mgmt vibe, or maybe mgmt has a vibe of this. haaahahahhahahahaha.
-The real reason Kelsey loves the interns: they played Dashboard Confessional. And she wasn't even there!!
-Billy Joel's still got it. Honestly, I thought it was a joke when it said he performed on Conan. Where the heck was I in April?
-Anni Rossi sings and plays the violin at the same time. Succeeds at both.
-Live Sea Wolf!!

enjoy! and try to hold back your tears this week. it's our last show of the semester, and the last for Devon, Chelsea and Kelsey before they spread the AS love in Europe. Not to worry though, we'll keep you posted for Claire and Kayleigh's Cram Jams sesh. Plus, the end of fall semester 09 can only mean one thing: JANE'S COMING BACK! So everybody has that to look forward to.

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