December 8, 2009

Souper Special:

We're breaking all the rules for the last show. This gets a little complicated, so read carefully.

From 10pm-11pm this Thursday, 12/10: the letter is

for: "Awwww, shucks, this is the last Alphabet Soup show." and "Auf Wiedersehen" or "Adios"

THEN. from 11-12am, in honor of the departing DJ's, we will have multiple letters:

Because, I know we've been pretty secretive about this, our names are Chelsea, Devon and Kelsey. (Ps. that fact about the letter K is definitely true.)

So grab a box of tissues, snuggle up to your laptop, and listen to Alphabet Soup: the Finale (as we know it) TONIGHT from 10-12am. If you begin to feel like your life is over or like there will be a void in your heart every Thursday night from now on, we're providing this link for use in case of an emergency. It will make you feel better, we promise.

Later skaters. It's been a pleasure blogging for you this semester.

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