September 2, 2009

Because everyone wants to have a SOUPER THURSDAY

Why be thirsty when you have Alphabet Soup from 10-12 on Thursday nights?
Your favorite Chefs (minus dino-loving Jane who has gone to the land "where Women glow and men plunder" for the semester) are cooking up a special Anniversary edition of the Soup.

Tomorrow night, 10pm-12am EST we're going alphabetical. 26 songs, one for each letter, in order. If you have something you want to hear, call (617-353-6400) or im (WTBUradiodj) ! Have you forgotten the best way to get in touch or tune in? here's a refresher:

Stream @: >click the LISTEN LIVE NOW! button on the left
Listen/watch(?): BU cable channel 6

See you on the radio
Peace, Love and Pandas
-Kelsey, Chelsea and Devon


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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