September 28, 2009

Highlights from Regina Spektor:

Here are some amateur photographs and videos from the Regina show at the House of Blues you heard us raving about on Thursday. Little Joy opened (above). Nothing better than a good fake mustache and some good tunes before an amazing headliner.
Here's a DJ and one of our fantastic Interns (you can guess which ones) waiting patiently for Regina to start. We aren't quite sure what was going on with the girl behind us.
And here she is, the lady of the hour(s). A good time was had by all. We forgot to mention that she PLAYED THE SHOFAR during the show. The new album (Far) sounded great live, and some old favorites (Apres Moi, Ode to Divorce, Poor Little Rich Boy) were just as fabulous.

Don't forget to get your W posts ready!!
see you Thursday
-K,C,D,C and K.

EDIT: I know I promised videos above, but vimeo won't let me embed the player code. here's the urls if you're really interested:
Little Joy- No One's Better Sake clip
Regina Spektor- Samson (full)

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