September 25, 2009

hey ya'll. here's the video playlist for C week. I've noticed that the width of our blog is not big enough to hold the greatness that is your weekly dose of the Soup. I'll post the links below. Don't fret.
Highlights for the week:
-C is for CONTROVERSY/CREEPY: Natalie Portman in Carmensita/ Liv Tyler's role in her fajah's video for Crazy.
-Speaking of Crazy, Fiona Apple performs live, again circa 1997.
-the Joanna Newsom video is a different song than what we played on the show (which was Casiopeia). However, the song in the video still starts with C.
-check out the Beatles as babies in 1964 performing Can't Buy Me Love.

and here are zee links:
The Letter C (9/24)
The Letter E (9/17)
The Letter N (9/10)

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